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Als je van de dokter een trainverbod krijgt, ga je rare dingen doen!

Van: Wout Wigmans
Verzonden: donderdag 22 maart 2007
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Onderwerp: Running to change the world for the better by running

Hello NYRR,

I read on website that NYRR is interesting runners to run the ING New York City Marathon for charity in return for a guaranteed entry. We think this is a great initiative and are proud to be a participant of an event that tries to change the world for the better by running.

We are a team of 10 runners from the Netherlands and have arranged an entry to the NYCM 2007 through the Dutch travel agent ATP. All runners of our team have of course their own personal goals and motives to run the NYC Marathon 2007, but we also have chosen a common goal. Under the name Run for Life (in Dutch Ren voor Leven) our team runs for the Ronald McDonald House in Leiden, Holland ( We try to interest all business-relations of the runners to support our effort to finish the NYC Marathon by sponsoring our Team. All funds raised will go to the RMDH in Leiden.

Your probably familiar with the Ronald McDonald House program since the first House opened in Philadelphia in 1974. Now there are more than 245 RMD Houses in over 28 countries The idea behind the program is : Provide a "home away from home" for families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at nearby hospitals. Some children must travel great distances to get medical attention. In-hospital treatment may last one day, one year or longer. For these children's families, accommodations can be hard to come by. Options often are limited to costly hotels or uncomfortable hospital chairs and benches. The Ronald McDonald House provides a comfortable, supportive alternative. It serves as a temporary residence near the medical facility where family members can sleep, eat, relax and find support from other families in similar situations.

We wish you good luck with your efforts to interest as many as possible runners to run for charity and hope to see you in November.

Sincerely yours,

Wim Wigmans
Ren voor Leven (Run for Life)


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